Have you ever felt alone? 

Perhaps you feel alone right now?

Well, first let me acknowledge that does not make you less spiritual or less mature.  It makes you a human being — one who was opted to take on the counterintuitive mission of abandoning what your natural senses show you and believing what your spiritual senses tell you.  We call it walking by faith- and it’s not an easy lifestyle.

The truth is, we are never alone and God is always with us.  But the reality is when we can’t see Him or feel Him, it can sometimes feel like we are alone.


Now…can I offer a perspective on this that you likely have not heard?

The word “alone” is derived from a combination of  two words — all + one.  In Old English the literal translation was “wholly oneself”1.

God created us in His image. And He, and The Son, and The Holy Spirit exists as a one triune body.  They are all one.

And guess what? As a believer, they live in you and the four of you are all one. 

Now because we are human, this concept can be difficult to grasp when trying to apply it to ourselves.  

We are never alone because we are all one.  We are whole and complete, nothing missing and nothing lacking. And that’s good news.

This good news doesn’t negate the fact that we were made to be relational — quite the opposite actually.  We all know these relationship streets are risky, but this piece of wisdom gives us the courage we need to pursue and nurture relationships with others — without fear, without mistrust, without reservation, and without the expectation for perfection.  

Because when we have been disappointed, let down, left out, and abandoned, we can take heart because we are all one.  Those who live in us refuse to leave us, and they are constantly repairing, restoring, and rebuilding us from the inside out.

Are you willing to embrace what it means to be all one with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? What a confidence and assurance it brings!

Living In The Light,


Brandi Morris


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