Are you preparing for or in the middle of a transition?  In this series, I’m using Jacob’s story as a backdrop to share some truth about transition.  Here’s truth #4…

Transitions have to be timed wisely.

Well,” Esau said, “let’s be going. I will lead the way.” Genesis 33:12

After they reconciled, Esau urged Jacob to hurry and return with him.  The invitation must have been appealing.  I’m sure Jacob was relieved to have mended his relationship with his brother and was eager to rebuild his life.  But Jacob valued what he had as much as where he was going.  He recognized that rushing the process would be an unwise risk.  Here we learn a valuable lesson — just as there is a place of purpose, there is also a pace of purpose.  

He replied “thank you for the invitation, but if I push my herds and my children at the pace you are inviting me to, they won’t survive. You go on ahead, I’ll go at a safe pace for me and my family.  We will get there when we get there.” (my paraphrase)

We tend to think that faster is better.  Comparison and competition can cause us to get in a hurry to achieve certain symbols of success, whether they are in God’s plan or not.  And often it takes more discipline and wisdom to go slowly than it does to go swiftly.  The truth is, when you have permission to transition, you must stay in lock step with God. Only He knows the way to where you are going and any other pace could cause you to suffer unnecessary losses.  Get rid of the self-imposed deadlines and enjoy the freedom of God’s timing.

Reflection: What are you trying to build — something that will pass or something that will last?  Are you willing to invest the time and move at the pace of purpose, even if it takes longer?  If you drive your flock too hard or too fast they may not survive.  

Prayer: Lord, help me to patiently walk the road of purpose. And allow me to enjoy the journey and appreciate the process.  Not one minute of one day is wasted.  I love who I am becoming in you.  My times are in your capable hands.

I hope that you are gaining the courage to take your bold leap of faith as you read each installment in this series.  Check out this episode of the Taking the Leap podcast where I share the scoop on my own bold leap.

As always, if this message has been a blessing to you, then be a blessing to someone else by sharing it with them.


Living In The Light,


Brandi Morris