Are you preparing for or in the middle of a transition?  In this series, I’m using Jacob’s story as a backdrop to share some truth about transition.  Here’s truth #3…

Transition requires healing.

Then Jacob went on ahead. As he approached his brother, he bowed to the ground seven times before him. Then Esau ran to meet him and embraced him, threw his arms around his neck, and kissed him. And they both wept!” Genesis 33:3-4

God told Jacob go back to land of his fathers.  This was good news because it meant relief from his oppressive relationship with Laban.  But on the other hand, it was a big ask because it also meant crossing the badly broken bridges he’d left. 

Jacob had fled his home because he betrayed his brother and deceived his father.  But he was returning as a covenant holder. And he would need to heal as a condition of his transition so that he could experience God’s peace in the new place.

Transitions will often require you to face the mistakes and disappointments of your past.  While this can be scary, God’s plan is not to humiliate you, but to liberate you.

Healing is not an event.  It’s a process.  God does two things in the healing process- the root work and the fruit work.  The Meticulous Gardener untangles the root cause and uncovers the reasons behind our thinking and actions.  He removes the thorns that clutter our hearts and renews our mind so we can see Him and ourselves accurately.  Then His Spirit produces new fruit in us.  This is when the internal healing we’ve experienced can cause us to desire and pursue relational healing. 

Healing can look like a relationship restored or it can look like parting ways in love and peace, with a clear conscience and a pure heart.  In either form, healing is a beautiful gift from God.

Jacob made amends and Esau granted him forgiveness.  But after this sweet moment of healing, we never see them together again in scriptures.  

The beginning of healing is humility.  We must be humble enough to confess where jealousy, insecurity, or pride have led us to behave manipulatively.  We must be humble enough to release people who have wronged us, even without an admission of guilt or an apology. And we must be humble enough to acknowledge where we have taken matters into our own hands and invite God to direct our paths once again.

Reflection: Is there a healing in your life that is overdue? Is there a relationship or situation that is broken? Have you reached the point where you are ready to admit that you can’t fix it? If you will soften your heart and let God accomplish His will through you, He can redeem your story.

Prayer:  Lord, help me steward the healing you want to bring about in my relationships-even those I would rather not deal with. As uncomfortable as it is, I will not reject what you are offering me. As scary as it is, I will not refuse what you want me to embrace. As painful as it is, I will not resist what you want to do in me.  I welcome the freedom you want to give me.  I receive your healing.

I hope that you are gaining the courage to take your bold leap of faith as you read each installment in this series.  Check out this episode of the Taking the Leap podcast where I share the scoop on my own bold leap.

As always, if this message has been a blessing to you, then be a blessing to someone else by sharing it with them.


Living In The Light,


Brandi Morris