Are you preparing for or in the middle of a transition?  In this series, I’m using Jacob’s story as a backdrop to share some truth about transition.  Here’s truth #2…

Transition attracts opposition.

“…You have acted very foolishly! I could destroy you, but the God of your father appeared to me last night and warned me, ‘Leave Jacob alone!” Genesis 31:2-3

When Jacob left Paddan Aram, Laban came after him.  In this confrontation, Jacob had to find the courage to stand up for himself and face whatever consequences came along with that. Laban tried to make Jacob feel guilty for taking his kids and grandkids from him.  When that didn’t work, Laban planted a seed of doubt to shake Jacob’s confidence and make him question his ability to succeed on his own, saying, “Everything you have is mine”.  Laban was essentially saying, “I am your source, you will never make it apart from me.”  This is where a lot of people would have turned and gone back to Paddan Aram with Laban — preferring the certainty of oppression and abuse over the uncertainty of pursuing God’s promise.  

It was true Jacob had never been successful apart from Laban. However, Jacob was never successful because of Laban. Jacob became wealthy because he had God’s favor.  And it was actually because of God’s favor on Jacob’s life that Laban was blessed by association. 

Any act of obedience draws opposition from the enemy. This opposition is meant to distract, deter, delay, and discourage you so much that you will stay put rather than move forward.  But when you have permission to transition, your obedience also releases unstoppable favor and wisdom from God. 

Whether the opposition is mental, emotional, or spiritual, God has given you the power to overcome it.  He will give you the ability to discern truth from lies- no matter how subtle or sly they are.

Reflection: Will you risk disappointing the people who want you to stay, or perhaps have benefitted from their connection to you? Will you risk people taking credit for what God has accomplished through you or maybe even stripping you of titles, affiliations, or accolades because the time has come for you to move on?  Will you risk familiar and profitable ties being severed? Will you trust that God is your source and will keep you as you follow Him?

Prayer: God, thank you for being the author and finisher of my story.  You wrote it with adventure and plot twists, and most of all with a glorious ending.  I accept the role you have given me.  I will play my part with courage and trust that you have already gone before me and are working all things together for my good. 

I hope that you are gaining the courage to take your bold leap of faith as you read each installment in this series.  Check out this episode of the Taking the Leap podcast where I share the scoop on my own bold leap.

As always, if this message has been a blessing to you, then be a blessing to someone else by sharing it with them.


Living In The Light,


Brandi Morris