Are you preparing for or in the middle of a transition,  If so, you can learn a lot about transition from a reformed trickster.  In this series, I’m using Jacob’s story as a backdrop to share some truth about transition.  Here’s truth #1…

Transition is essential.

Look, I am with you, and I will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. For I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.”

Jacob had been living and working on his uncle’s property in Paddan Aram for 20 years. His family had grown, his herds had grown, and most importantly, he had grown. But even though he had experienced a degree of success, Jacob couldn’t stay. He had outgrown that place. Like Jacob, we cannot allow our current success to block our view of the new thing God desires to do.

Jacob and Laban had initially hit it off, not only because they were family, but because they were just alike — shifty and self-serving.  But their connection wouldn’t last long because Jacob was a work in progress.  God was transforming Jacob in preparation for his transition.  First, Jacob learned to trust God rather than himself. This was essential because Jacob wouldn’t be able  to manipulate his way through transition.  He could only trust his way through it.  Second, Jacob started to want what God wanted. God’s plan for Jacob was much bigger than the birthright he once envied.  Transformation precedes transition. Only the Holy Spirit can transform us. And only a surrendered heart can be transformed.

Once He had sufficiently prepared him, God gave Jacob permission to transition.  God told him to leave and return to his homeland.  God wanted to bring Jacob into a spacious place that could accommodate the promise He was fulfilling.  

When God is calling you to transition he will prepare you.  But don’t confuse preparation with perfection.  You may still have flaws, insecurities, and struggles.  But God’s grace is sufficient for them all. And all the perfectionists said, “amen, hallelujah, and thank you, Jesus!”

Reflection: Are you feeling like God has more for you? Do you sense that your current conditions have fulfilled their purpose and there’s another level God is calling you to?  Are you afraid of leaving a place where you have been successful? The most important part of Jacob’s decision to transition was that it was actually God’s decision.  Seek the Father’s heart and, in faith, align your heart and will with His.

Prayer:  God today I acknowledge that change is necessary. So I ask you to transform me from the inside out.  Show me how you are preparing me for what’s next.  I surrender to your maturation process.  No longer will I try to squeeze into tight places that no longer suit me. Lead me to the place, the position, the people, and the promise you have prepared for me.

And one more thing — I had the opportunity to share my transition story with my amazing friend Rachel G. Scott on the Taking the Leap podcast.  Take a listen, leave a comment, and subscribe to the show.

As always, if this message has been a blessing to you, then be a blessing to someone else by sharing it with them.


Living In The Light,

Brandi Morris